Statement of Community Involvement revision 2019

Statment of Community Involvement update 2019

1 General principles for planning consultaitons

  • General principles for planning consultations


The planning system affects everybody who lives in, works in or visits a place. By getting involved in the planning process, local communities, stakeholders and other organisations can contribute more to the shaping of their local environment.

We will apply some general principles to our planning consultations. Where consultations are being undertaken by others, (Town/Parish Councils for Neighbourhood Plans or developers for community involvement prior to a planning application being made), these can also provide a useful guide to good practice.

    • We will target consultation to include people whom we consider would be most affected by any proposals or plans and where possible any known interest groups. 
    • We will seek views as early as possible.
    • Involvement will be open to all. We will take into account our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and ensure information is accessible in the most appropriate format for everyone’s needs.
    • We will choose consultation processes by balancing cost and time constraints, with community impact. 
    • We will always aim to provide sufficient information to enable people to comment effectively.
    • We will clearly state how to respond and by when.
    • Consultation publications will be clear and concise and avoid unnecessary jargon, without understating the complexities of any issues or decisions.
    • Where requested, documents can be offered in other languages or formats, as appropriate. 
    • We will tell people who respond to consultations how to see what the outcomes are.
    • We will aim to make all representations publicly available. 

We will ensure that information gathered under consultation processes will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 General Data Protection regulations 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2005.