North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options

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Document Section North Somerset Local Plan Preferred Options: Consultation Draft March 2022 3. Strategic Policies SP4: Placemaking SP4: Placemaking View all on this section
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Response Date 29 Apr 2022
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SP4 Placemaking - object

This policy seeks to impose unreasonable requirements on new development which go beyond what is expected by the NPPF. Whilst design policies should be developed with local communities it is unrealistic to expect local communities to collaborate on design matters due to their subjective nature. In many cases local communities do not wish to accept development, even when it is allocated in the development plan, and could use this to unreasonably delay proposals.

The policy seeks to impose a number of criteria on new development which are vague and will result in delay in the decision-making process. The NPPF confirms that local planning authorities should prepare design guides or codes to provide ‘maximum clarity about design expectations’ (paragraph 128). This approach should be adopted by the emerging plan. Policy SP4 should either be deleted in its entirety or simply state:

“Development will be supported which demonstrates that a robust design process has been carried out in accordance with the Council’s design guidance”.

As part of the emerging local plan process the Council should prepare updated design guidance which sets out it’s expectations for development which comes forward under the new local plan.