North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options

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Document Section North Somerset Local Plan Preferred Options: Consultation Draft March 2022 3. Strategic Policies SP4: Placemaking SP4: Placemaking View all on this section
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Response Date 29 Apr 2022
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SP4.   Placemaking. 

It is unclear how ‘collaboration with local communities’ can/will take place to ensure better outcomes. 

Parish Councils know their communities well and have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge of local needs but are often ignored.  This must change to achieve the placemaking policies aspired to in this plan and to ensure that Parish Councils can attract sufficient volunteers to represent an inclusive demographic.  Younger people will not waste their time if they are ignored.

Working with local parish councils to produce far higher quality housing for those whose support network is close-by makes sense. 

‘Involving the local community in the design of new development ‘ pre application is noted as being an ‘important consideration’ however in Churchill it is not evident how this influenced outcomes.

Larger developments should have closer scrutiny during the construction process to ensure that developers fully adhere to planning conditions.