Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
Proposals for affordable housing should ensure that they make provision for a mix of unit
sizes and tenure and are made available for local people in perpetuity. Whilst the HCA is
committed to the delivery of affordable housing as a key priority, it is also important to be
aware that there may be exceptional occasions where the target has to be reduced to take
account of particular costs associated with developments in order for the scheme to remain
viable and deliverable during the plan period. We therefore support the provisions for viability
appraisal given within the Policy. The HCA would also add that, in considering viability,
consideration maybe given to changes in the targets for tenure split, or through the
introduction of subsidised housing initiatives such as Home Buy Direct.
When considering on-site provision of affordable housing, the HCA wishes to see appropriate
levels of integration. On HCA sites, the recommended standard we seek to adopt is no more
than 6 affordable units in a single cluster (nb. English Partnerships standard pending
harmonisation with HCA standards).