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Response Date 02 Mar 2010
As is already well known, the Mead Group is a significant landowner and active stakeholder in respect of the area proposed for the WUE. It has been participating in the various forums regarding the progress of teh WUE during the past 5 or more years.
Lest there be any doubt, the Mead Group is broadly in agreement for the most part with the proposals for the WUE in so far as they go. However there are concerns about some aspects which are already known to the Council. Given the formal nature of the consultation process it is incumbent upon the Mead group to reiterate herein these concerns and this they now do in the proceeding comments relating to the vaious area policies. In order to correlate views previously expressed on behalf of the Mead Group in recent stakeholder meetings held by the Council the following copy correspondence is attached in support of these representations.
i) Letter dated 29 September 2009 from Hoddell Associates to Mr G Quick at North Somerset Council headed Draft Core Strategy policies for Weston-super-Mare.
ii) Letter dated 29 September 2009 from Hoddell Associates to Mr G Quick at North Somerset Council headed Weston Regeneration Area - Broadway Malyan Report on Master Plan.
The purpose of including these letters is to place the comments therein clearly on the record as remarks that should be taken into account by the Council in relation to these representations, particularly with respect to the first of these letters. You are requested to address these remarks in your analysis of the consultation response from the Mead Group.
You will be well aware of the context in which the letters were written. It is of course accepted that the junction 21 Bypass has now been incorporated into the policies and draft Key Diagram for the WUE.
Whilst the enclosure make the point it is emphasised, for the avoidance of doubt, that the Mead Group objects to the prohibition against any strategic develoment being permitted to the east of the M5 motorway.