Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
As suggested earlier there is an inconsistency between this policy wording and that in policy CS17, Residential Sites Providing Affordable Housing Only. The latter states that affordable housing-only developments will not be permitted in the Green Belt; there is no equivalent statement here, although policy CS17 is referred to in para 4.107. In fact, the policy wording states that 'new housing will only be permitted where it is for affordable housing'. Although it might be argued that the policy wording is acceptable since it is implied that it relates to non-Green Belt land, it needs reconsideration in relation to the communities located within the Green Belt, where it could be argued that, in exceptional circumstances, a small scale affordable housing development might be acceptable.
A further concern is that, while the argument presented is understood, removal of the settlement boundaries is likely to pose a problem in the future when debate arises as to what might be considered to be 'within or adjacent to a non-service village'. as references, informal if necessary, and shown defined on proposals maps, as with the RLP.