Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
NHSNS supports the inclusion of Policy CS26 and its reference to the need for additional health facilities in areas of housing growth that are supported by Health Impact Assessments and joint working relationships with health providers.

NHSNS considers that further emphasis should be placed on the requirement for Health Impact Assessments (HIA). To this end, we consider that the following amendment should be made to Policy CS26:

"The planning process will support programmes and strategies which increase and improve health services throughout the district, promote healthier lifestyles and aim to reduce health inequalities. This will be achieved through:
1) Requiring Health Impact Assessments (HIA) on all large scale developments in the district THAT ASSESSES HOW THE DEVELOPMENT WILL CONTRIBUTE TO IMPROVING THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF THE LOCAL POPULATION..."

NHSNS considers that reference should be made to the longer term planning of healthcare and hospital provision, including the need to respond to the provision of new primary healthcare facilities to population change. We consider that the following additional criteria should be included to Policy CS26:

"8) Providing new health facilities across North Somerset to meet the needs of new communities and within areas of housing growth.

NHSNS needs to be able to provide healthcare services to an increasing population, which is subject to changes in circumstances with regards major development. NHSNS, therefore, requires flexibility to provide healthcare services and facilities as they are required.

This is consistent with PPS 12, which requires (para 4.46) Core Strategies policies to be flexible and effective at dealing with changing circumstances.