Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
NHSNS considers that the visions for North Somerset and each settlement (VIS 1, VIS 3, VIS 5, VIS 6) should make reference to the need for healthcare facilities in urban areas. To this end, the following amendments are proposed:

"VIS 5: Portishead Vision
By 2026 Portishead will have undertaken an extensive period of consolidation and become an increasingly popular location for new business as well as providing opportunities for existing local businesses to expand and grow. HEALTHCARE SERVICES WILL BE INCREASED TO MEET LOCAL NEEDS. There will be increased opportunities for residents to work locally, instead of commuting to Bristol and its north fringe."

NHSNS requires flexibility to be able to respond to changing circumstances with regards major development, or population increases. On this basis, we consider that the Core Strategy should set a commitment to provide healthcare facilities accessible to all settlements within North Somerset.

This is consistent with Government advice contained within Planning Policy Statement 12 (PPS 12), which requires (para 4.46) Core Strategies policies to be flexible and effective at dealing with changing circumstances.