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Response Date 14 Feb 2010
This is a comment on the overall document and represents a broad view from Hands Off Long Ashton.

The following aspects of the strategy are welcomed:
1) The removal of the SW Bristol urban extensions. We have strongly opposed the RSS and its proposals for building in the greenbelt and therefore support this proposal.
2) The decision to maintain the boundaries of the green belt where they are. Again this is what we have campaigned for and is also supported by Save Our Green Spaces.
3) The designation of villages such as Long Ashton as service villages, with limited development. Long Ashton has had more than its fair share of development and expansion in the last few years and needs time to absorb the new residents.
4) The reopening of the Portishead railway

We do not agree with the following
1) The South Bristol Link. This would use a huge tract of green belt land and has no benefit for North Somerset. We have made our views known on this previously and are concerned that it would open up the green belt for development and increase traffic levels on the A370 and other roads in the area. Measures are required to reduce traffic not to find ways to increase it.
2) Expansion of the Long Ashton Park and Ride. This would use green belt land currently used as farmland. There is no justification for this especially if the SBL is cancelled.
3)A link between the A370 and the M5. Given the impending oil crisis new roads are not justifed. Infrastructure improvemets should concentrate on trasport modes with low carbon emissions.