Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 09 Feb 2010
CS30. Key diagram: Weston Urban Extension. The land on the diagram shown to be a wetland area is already in the flood plain. Therefore why exactly is there a need for a wetland area?
There is also a proposed ditch to be cut through the fields across this wetland area towards the marked lake area on the west of the site near to Moor Lane, Hutton. This would cut peoples land in half and make grazing livestock much more difficult. There is currently a deep ditch which follows the line of the council owned land and existing hedgerow, this could be made to contain the water needed to go to the lake, rather than cut up valuable pasture land.
Regard must also be given to landowners in the vicinity (namely land south of Weston airfield) to demonstrate that the proposed development does not increase the flood risk to adjacent land. The grazing land is already extremely wet during the winter months, this could be exacerbated if adequate provision is not made for water runoff from the airfield.
There are parts of the Weston urban extension (the airfield land) site that are extremely low lying, these areas should be used for flood mitigation.