Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 11 Jan 2010
The idea of permitting house-building in villages only if it includes a "live/work unit" is nonsensical. Not only does this risk placing potentially unsuitable light industrial operations within residential areas, there is no way to ensure that the restrictions placed on the use of the work units are actually met. What happens when the first owner moves and sells to another person? - is the new owner going to be required to work from home? What happens if the business fails and the owner of the live/work unit is forced to seek alternative employment elsewhere? - would he still be required to maintain the use his work unit as if he was working there? This policy is supposedly intended to limit out-commuting from "dormitory" villages but is there any evidence to show that it works in practice? Surely a work unit could result in more road traffic to and from the location, not less?