Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

CS27: Sport, Recreation and Community Facilities


CS27: Sport, Recreation and Community Facilities

Where the local provision of sport, recreation, children's play and other community facilities arising from new residential development is inadequate to meet projected needs and standards, additional provision in safe and accessible locations will be sought to meet any identified shortfall. This provision may be in the form of on-site provision or the enhancement/ improved access to existing facilities.

Existing facilities will be safeguarded from alternative use unless suitable alternative facilities can be made available or the existing facilities are surplus to requirements.

On large scale developments facilities will be provided in step with population growth and will be designed as an integral part of the development.

This policy contributes towards achieving Priority Objective 2.


Sport, recreation and community facilities not only underpin people's quality of life but can help create diverse sustainable communities as well ensuring that biodiversity, learning and health targets are met. With the population of North Somerset to expand considerably by 2026, it is imperative that these facilities are provided to meet this demand. Any lack of provision will result in future residents having to travel outside their immediate area and the opportunity for a thriving and vibrant community will be lost.

The Core Strategy approach

This policy, which covers all indoor and outdoor sports facilities as well as libraries, community halls, and other community facilities, will ensure that for all residents there is safe and convenient access to these facilities, in particular those living within new development areas. In the past, development has often proceeded with poorly located or insufficient facilities and this policy seeks to avoid this situation.

Flexible and imaginative design will create buildings and spaces which can be used for a variety of organisations, services and facilities. Consideration should be given to facilities for policing to support community safety objectives.

Facilities need to be accessible by public transport and located on cycleway/pedestrian networks and imaginative design of buildings structures and open spaces will be required so they can enhance the setting of any surrounding residential and commercial areas.

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These facilities are key infrastructure requirements and in accordance with PPG17 Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation, North Somerset council is undertaking an assessment of existing provision, in order to identify shortfalls against a local standard of provision for all facilities and set out future requirements for the future population of North Somerset. It is intended that this assessment will be published as a Supplementary Planning Document and will be used to secure appropriate contributions from developments throughout the district.

The policy also recognises the importance of retaining existing facilities and the role they can play in meeting future demands.

How and where the policy will be delivered

Delivery of facilities will take place across the district. North Somerset will work with partners and the private sector to deliver sport, recreation and community facilities where required. The council will consider mechanisms for delivering and maintaining facilities in ways which minimise the burden on the public purse.

Alternative options and contingency planning

The requirement for and benefits of adequate sport, recreation and community facilities to meet future population needs is well established and there are no alternative approaches that would meet this requirement.

Monitoring and review

Planning applications for new and extended facilities will be monitored.