Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Chapter 3: Spatial Policies

This chapter sets out the spatial policy framework to deliver the identified visions and objectives. This suite of strategic, higher-level policies will provide the context for further more detailed policy formulation in subsequent Local Development Documents. Each policy identifies how it relates to national planning policy guidance or North Somerset's priority objectives.

The supporting text accompanying each policy is structured as follows:

  • Background - a brief outline of the context.
  • The Core Strategy approach - the reasoning behind the policy approach.
  • How and where the policy will be delivered - how will the policy be delivered, where and by whom?
  • Alternative options and contingency planning - are there reasonable alternative approaches; what happens if circumstances change in the future?
  • Monitoring and review - what are the performance targets or indicators to be used?

The spatial policies are grouped into four themes derived from the Sustainable Community Strategy to make explicit the links between the Core Strategy and objectives of the SCS. In this respect the Core Strategy goes beyond purely land-use planning to provide the context for a wider range of objectives and outcomes. These four sections are as follows:

  • Living within Environmental Limits
  • Delivering Strong and Inclusive Communities
  • Delivering a Prosperous Economy
  • Ensuring Safe and Healthy Communities

There are two further sets of policies; the area policies (Chapter 4) which identify the overarching policy context for specific strategic locations, and delivery policies (Chapter 6) related to implementation.