Claverham Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Consultation

Claverham Neighbourhood Plan -submission consultation


Claverham Plan area is host to a number of valuable assets in its natural and built environment. The residents of Claverham strongly support the protection and enhancement of that environment wherever possible.

Environment Policies ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 and ENV4 each support Objective 4 and 9


12.1 ENV1 – Nature Conservation
The Neighbourhood Plan area includes nationally important wildlife sites such as the Tickenham, Nailsea and Kenn Moors SSSIs, comprising rhynes. The SSSI overlaps in part with a local Wildlife Site, the Nailsea and Tickenham Moors.

The Plan area also supports legally protected species, notably horseshoe bats, being within 2km of an important maternity roost for horseshoe bats at Brockley Hall stables. That roost is a component SSSI for the North Somerset and Mendip Bats SAC (Special Area of Conservation) that is a European site of international importance for wildlife. North Somerset Council is working with Natural England to produce guidance on development for the SAC.The guidance explains how development activities may deleteriously impact on the SAC, and the steps required to avoid or mitigate such impacts.

The map below shows Greater horseshoe bat records 2015-2016 collected by the Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action group for Claverham.

Yellow squares are ANABAT records and circles represent Elekon Batscanner records. The Brockley Hall Stables and Kings Wood greater horseshoe roost SACs are shown for context. Applicants should seek latest activity records from YACWAG or YPC at time of planning application for all matters that may affect bats.


12.2 ENV2 – Historic Environment
The Plan Area has a significant number of nationally important Listed Assets for which reference should be made to Historic England. The residents of Claverham also wish to safeguard Locally Important Buildings and Boundary Walls. 

Claverham is and throughout history has been separate from Cleeve with open fields between the Villages and it is important to both communities to retain their individual identities.

The Village Survey showed that the locally important buildings are highly appreciated by local residents. 81% of respondents to the Village Survey rated the local listed buildings as of high importance and 82% rated other Locally Important Buildings (not listed) as highly important to them.

12.3 ENV3 – Hedgerows and Trees
To aid identification of key environmental assets existing trees, hedges, tree plantations and specimen trees that are of importance to Claverham will be surveyed, recorded and TPO registration sought where applicable. This survey will be an on-going exercise and made available via YACWAG and Yatton Parish Council to prospective developers on request.

Public consultation has shown the significant importance that residents attach to the local countryside. 90% of respondents to the village survey attached great importance to our country lanes whilst 76% attached high importance to the ancient hedgerows which line those lanes as well as the fields.

12.4 ENV4 – Local Green Space

In accord with Paragraph 77 of the NPPF this Neighbourhood Plan designates areas as Local Green Space. The designation fully complies with the NPPF defined requirements:
• The green space is in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves;
• The green area is demonstrably special to our local community and holds a particular local significance, because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife; and
• The green area concerned is local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.

The LGS1 site designated by this Plan is recorded in North Somerset Council’s Space Allocation Plan as Local Green Space.

The LGS2 site is designated ‘Safeguarded Site for Proposed Strategic and Structural Open Space’ by North Somerset Council under CF4/4 site reference POP21 and forms an integral part of the setting of Claverham House, one of Claverham’s important Grade II listed buildings.

These spaces are to be designated Local Green Space for the benefit of all, together with their existing natural features of trees, hedges, walls and grassland.

It is acknowledged that access to or use of the Local Green Spaces will be by other means than this Plan. (e.g. those means relating to any TVG status, PROWs or agreement with the land-owner as such may exist from time to time).

At time of writing of this Plan (Spring 2017) Claverham is recorded as having a significant shortfall of open space for its community. These spaces will make up part of that shortfall.

The land to be designated LGS1 has been used by the community for May Day celebrations and Open air plays. It has also been allocated as suitable space for Local Green Space in the draft Site Allocation Plan by North Somerset Council.

The LGS2 land is also the subject of a Village Green application, the extensive evidence for which is already prepared and offered for a non-Statutory Public Inquiry. This evidence was collected by the Village Green applicants; it has been provided for the Plan and is contained in the Plan’s supplementary document bundle. This evidence is relied upon to support the designation of LGS2.