Claverham Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Consultation

Claverham Neighbourhood Plan -submission consultation


Claverham has few facilities at the end of 2016; it has a Village Hall with a coffee shop, Primary School, Pizza Shop, a single small-child play area, a scout hut that also supports a playgroup and a number of separate religious establishments. There is strong support to retain the few facilities that Claverham has and there is a desire within Claverham to improve facilities should opportunity arise to reduce the need for private motor car journeys to access most regular necessities.


11.1 LS1 - Local Shops
Claverham has no general retail shops. The nearest service village is Yatton where most shops are approximately 2.5km from the centre of Claverham, requiring a car journey. The village travel survey showed that 83% of respondents travelled to the shops by car.

78% of respondents to the village survey stated that a shop was their most important additional facility for the village.


11.2 CF1 Community Facility - Village Hall and Car Park
Claverham is a small village with little infrastructure. The Village Hall provides a focal point for the village and is a much used a facility, with regular bookings by clubs, a monthly market and an evening and week-end bar (there being no public house in the village) and a popular coffee shop.


11.3 CF2 Community Facility – Broadcroft Play Area
Public consultation showed strong support for existing community facilities. The Broadcroft play area is the only playground for children in the village.

11.4 CF3 Community Facility – Claverham Meeting House
Public consultation showed strong support for any existing community facilities. The Meeting House provides useful rooms for village meetings and arts events.

11.5 Y1 – Youth Facility
Claverham has no specific youth facilities. This Plan supports the initiatives of a local group who are investigating the possibility of creating a youth hub in the village to provide a centre for teenagers of the village, as there are no other facilities that can be dedicated for their use.