Claverham Neighbourhood Plan -submission consultation



Claverham Future’s Steering Group identified consultation as the key to successfully developing a NDP for the village. This included newsletters, village-wide surveys, public meetings, contact with the local school, presentations and articles in the local press. There were also opportunities for participation online and via email. To ensure no group was left out of the process a simple desk-based survey of local community groups and activities in Claverham was undertaken. The wide range of groups and activities indicated a thriving and active local community and this strong sense of community also showed in the responses
made to consultations at all stages in the preparation of the NDP.

The Steering Group identified three different stages of consultation:
• Raising awareness and asking for comments on the issues and options to be considered
• Consultation on a draft plan
• Promotion of the final plan and raising awareness of the local referendum.

A Statement of Consultation was prepared to show the major input and impact Claverham’s community has had in drafting the Plan. 

The process of communicating with and listening to our fellow residents went through many stages, all matters were communicated through posters, posted letters, bulk emailing via MailChimp and use of our own website

A brief overview of which is:
• Newsletter in March 2015
• A Comprehensive Travel Survey
• May Day presentation 2015 to canvas views.
• First Public meeting July 16th 2015 to record all residents views
• Presentations during summer to keep momentum
• A review of our Planning History so we can communicate facts
• Landowners survey to understand who owns various sites so they can be contacted if necessary
• Survey of Claverham’s Businesses
• Meeting with Claverham UTC, the major local employer
• Discussions with action group for Youth Facilities
• Main Survey covering all matters raised to date, delivered to all residents in January 2016
• 2nd Public Meeting on Draft Plan 18th March 2016 where all drafted objectives and policies were discussed in open forum and voted upon.
• Invitation to provide comment in six-week formal Consultation ended 1st August 2016. A full schedule of statutory consultees and interested parties and landowners was also included in the process.
• Multiple reviews, email exchanges and meetings with a North Somerset Principal Planning Policy Officer.