Claverham Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Consultation

Claverham Neighbourhood Plan -submission consultation


5.1 General

The Claverham Neighbourhood Development Plan has been prepared in the context of the North Somerset Core Strategy that was first adopted in 2012 with the remaining remitted policies adopted on 10th Jan 2017. These provide strategic policies to guide development throughout North Somerset up to 2026.

The policies within the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan are drafted to be in conformity with the North Somerset Core Strategy.

North Somerset’s detailed site allocations are contained within the North Somerset Replacement Local Plan 2007. The Sites and Policies Plan Part 2 Site Allocations Plan, that is at publication stage in advance of it being submitted for examination, will supersede these site allocations.

North Somerset’s detailed policies to control development are contained in the Sites and Policies Plan Development Management Plan. These largely supersede the Replacement Local Plan policies in relation to the control of development. Both these plans have a timescale to 2026.

The Claverham Neighbourhood Development Plan also covers a time period up to 2026, or until such time as the strategic context set by the Core Strategy changes. Once adopted, it will sit alongside the Development Management Policies DPD and the Site Allocations Plan DPD. Where policies in the Claverham Neighbourhood Plan differ from these it will take precedence in decision making. Where the Neighbourhood Plan is silent on any planning issues decision-making will be in accordance with the Core Strategy, Development Management Plan and Site Allocations Plan.

The Core Strategy will be reviewed by the end of 2018. Key strategic issues of housing, employment, infrastructure and any consequential green belt alterations will be determined through the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP): a development plan document being prepared jointly by the West of England authorities for the period 2016-2036. The JSP is proposed to be adopted in 2018 and will provide the new strategic context for North Somerset. A new Local Plan for North Somerset is being prepared to give the more detailed planning policy context. Claverham is designated by North Somerset as an infill village and is subject to the adopted Policy CS33: Infill villages, smaller settlements and countryside published in the fully readopted Core Strategy incorporating the changes recommended to the remitted policies which was approved on 10 January 2017.

5.2 Future Planning Policy and Guidance
For the avoidance of doubt:
Unless future National or other fully made planning policy specifically supersedes policies or parts of policies of this Plan then this Plan’s policies or unaffected parts of policies shall continue.