Core Strategy-Examination into consequential changes of remaining remitted policies Proposed main modifications

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Document Section Core Strategy-Examination into consequential changes of remaining remitted policies Proposed main modifications Policy CS28, Modification CC-MM04 [View all comments on this section]
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Response Date 05 Sep 2016

We support the ambitions for growth in Weston-super-Mare. There are opportunities to reuse previously developed land and efforts should be made to encourage these sites to come forward. CPRE publication ‘From wasted space to living spaces’ explains our approach to brownfield land

We DO NOT support new development proposals at Weston-super-Mare adjoining the settlement boundary and are particularly concerned about the lack of definition in the wording ‘Housing sites outside the settlement boundary in excess of ABOUT 75 dwellings must be brought forward as allocations through Local Plans or Neighbourhood Development Plans.

Para 4.16

We are pleased that suitability of development proposals will be assessed on the economic, social and environmental dimensions although this does not state how this balance would be delivered.

4.16 goes on to say ‘Flexibility is introduced to permit new sustainable development of up to AROUND 75 units on sites adjacent to the settlement boundary of Weston-super-Mare’. We contend that the sentence ‘Larger sites must come forward as allocations so that they can be consulted upon as part of the process, their impacts can be assessed in advance any necessary mitigation measures identified at the outset’ applies equally to all sites.

Our more detailed concerns about proposed development policy for land ‘abutting’ or ‘adjoining’ are expressed in our comments for Policy CS32 and are the same irrespective of where these are across North Somerset.


Monitoring and review

  • Percentage of new development on previously developed land – is there a target?
  • Is there a register of previously developed land?
  • What actions are being undertaken to ensure previously developed land has priority in the sequential approach?

We support an enhancement to its green infrastructure and improving accessibility for walking, cycling and public transport to local facilities. We note the policy recognises the issues of deprivation and inequality particularly in South Ward and Central and would expect that future development meets the needs of the whole population including addressing the housing needs of the most vulnerable.